Sourcing technical products, production set up and interim management in China


Bonatec BV is the private management company of Ruud Bosman and was founded in 1987 as a development and production company of technical marine equipment, marine diesel generators in particular. Over the years Bonatec BV participated in joint ventures and generated several new businesses. I managed that businesses as a director. (Refer to my Linkedin profile for more details on my CV and the the companies mentioned. A link is below this page)

Since 2004 the success of the companies I worked for as a director was largely based on sourcing from China and subcontracting the manufacturing of parts and products to China.

Januari 2012 I stopped working as a director for the companies mentioned above and since then I am available through Bonatec BV as a consultant or interim manager for sourcing projects, project management (R&D, production set-up) both in the Netherlands and in China.  

In China I build up a network of technical companies and support (legal and otherwise). I have excellent communication skills in Chinese cultural setting and I am well respected by my business partners in China. (Guanxi)

Over the years I visited more than 250 companies and more than fifty cities in China; recently I visited the 5 largest engine manufacturing companies in China to fulfil an outsourcing assignment.

I contributed to trainings, books and interviews on sourcing and negotiating in China.

Test area of a large diesel engine manufacturer in China.

Machine centre in Fuzhou China


Being a director of multiple industrial companies for more then 25 years, I have a long term experience and a clear vision of business processes; specially R&D, manufacturing, sourcing and procurement.

I have thorough knowledge of quality control, MRP (ERP) systems (SAP), lean manufacturing and change management and I was involved in multiple implementation projects and redesign of these processes.

Runnig multiple international bussinesses and having P&L responsibilities, I develloped strong financial skills, especially in integrated logistics and production accounting (MRP), but also in P&L and balance sheet analyses and reporting.

Being very familiar with all aspects of HR management and safety policies, I am sensitive for environmentally responsibilities and have an excellent feeling for legal issues and the interpretation and application of regulations and guidelines

As a team player, I am sensitive for responsibilities of others in a large organization, but definitely willing and able to lead from the front.


I am an entrepreneur in technology and a passionate innovator and organiser of technology. 

While running technical companies and being in charge of R&D, I developed a broad and deep knowledge of many technical fields such as, marine technology, diesel technology, combustion engines, generators, mechanical and electrical engineering and digital- and power electronics including inverter technology.

The companies I worked for are all engaged in sustainable energy applications and energy transition issues.

I have a broad knowledge of industrial technology, such as mechanical technology; metalwork, machining , forging,  casting (all metals and all methods such as  high pressure die casting, sand casting, lost wax casting etc.), hydraulics, sealing, plastic moulding, GRP polyester moulding, generator- and combustion engine design and applications.

Take note that sourcing/outsourcing in China offers more than just a cheaper supplier. The cost of tooling is often much lower and this makes more sophisticated production methods possible within a modest budget. In China, you can cast a usually welded product or a metal product can be made of plastic. My special expertise is to find the right production method and the right supplier for your product, depending on the quantities, tooling budget and cost price target.

Besides the price and technical possibilities, business in China offers more flexibility and the eagerness to come to business is much larger than in Europe. This results in a much shorter delivery time.

Engine assembly line: tightening cylinderhead bolts.Engine assembly line: tightening cylinder head bolts.

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